Month: November 2021

MSME DEPARTMENT TODAY Who is who in msme department of India NAME & DESIGNATION OFFICE PHONE OFFICE FAX EXTENTION EMAIL ROOM NO Sh Narayan Tatu Rane (Minister) 23061566/23061739 23063141 3 256 min-msme[at]nic[dot]in 51 Dr. Raghab P. Dash (PS) 23061566/23061739 23063141 pstomin-msme[at]nic[dot]in 164 Sh Bajirao Sanap (OSD) 23061566/23061739 23063141 pstomin-msme[at]nic[dot]in 49A Dr. Sachin Bhadane (Addl. PS) …

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MSME digital marketing during covid – 19 Use of Digital Marketing for MSME Players as Value Creation for Customers during the COVID-19 Pandemic Finny Redjeki1, Azhar Affandi2 1Universitas Sangga Buana, Indonesia 2Universitas Pasundan, Indonesia Email: Conceptual The Covid-19 pandemic since the start of 2020 has changed all parts of individuals’ lives. The people group …

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enquire msme digital marketing services at +9902067555 If you had known about what is digital marketing is ? you would have not wasted your money on useless marketing, HERE is the knowlege…Hurray Advanced Marketing Digital marketing Any advertising that utilizes electronic gadgets and can be utilized by showcasing experts to pass on limited time informing …

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